Weekend 16-18.11.2018 recap

Wow - what a BIG weekend of live acoustic music and DJ tunes just gone.

The last weekend saw a trip to the Mansfield area to play at the Hunt Club in Merrijig Friday night, DJ at the Mansfield Hotel in MAnsfield Saturday night and then out to for a Sunday sesh at the Tolmie Tavern in Tolmie.

Friday - Great to see Nicky again at the Hunt Club. Was nice to play some acoustic tunes over dinner service for the patrons. There were some early dancers with some young music enthusiasts dancing to Shotgun by George Ezra. As the night kicked on there were some keen groups that got more involved singing and dancing as the night went on. Met some local musicians who were around the Open Mic that occurs every 2nd Sunday, so we did our best to catch the Sunday session - but just missed out. Meals were awesome as well - would highly recommend a visit if you are anywhere close to Merrijig.

Saturday - a very rare CLUB DJ appearance for myself at the Mansfield Hotel in Mansfield. The setting was pretty good, started with some people on the dance floor right away! A group of ladies enjoyed some classic tunes before more people crammed in for a transition to some more popular music before really letting fly with some cool dance remixes and tracks. Was great to have a lot of people actively tell me they were enjoying the night - even snuck in some Rage Against The Machine, that really lifted the night… who’d of thought eh? Was an interesting end to the night with a few people getting a bit rowdy - a few cans thrown, a few heckles - but all in objection to the night ending. So felt like a job well done! Keen for more of this in the future

Sunday - Headed up to Tolmie for a Sunday session on the outside deck at the Tolmie Tavern. Wow what a view! Beautiful place and highly worth a visit if you are ever there. The staff were very friendly - meals were great and the weather perfect! Even though we had only a few listening, it was really a warm welcoming atmosphere. Lots of compliments and interactivity with the listeners, a complete pleasure and quite a nice relaxing time on the Sunday. A highlight was meeting young Angus and his family - he happily sang along and drew me a nice little art piece that depicted myself singing on the day. Sophia was able to save the Instagram story that captured the day - so if you haven’t already, check it out on my Instagram page!

And that was a wrap! We raced off to the Hunt Club again to catch the open mic, but got there a little too late. So it was drinks and a meal instead - coupled with a chess session ;), then the road-trip back home.

Onto the next weekend!