Weekend recap - 23-25.11.2018 pub gigs and doing the wedding singer and DJ thing in Echuca

Another huge week last week as the weather cooled down around the area in an unusual cold snap for later November.

I was lucky enough to provide some early acoustic music and entertain a great bunch of lads for Al’s surprise 40th birthday in Moama on Friday afternoon, before heading to the Gypsy Bar Echuca for another rowdy session - that night the crowd wasn’t huge, but they still managed to make the most of the night.

lokki acoustic music at Gypsy Bar Echuca 23.11.2018

It was a bit of an unusual climate with a much cooler and rainy couple of days. But I welcomed it - as an avid cool weather lover. I will be happy when the 40 degree days are behind us for 2019!

Saturday saw a wedding for a lovely couple - Jess & Mitch Holland - who got married out at Pericoota Station. I always enjoy being the designated Echuca wedding singer & DJ for these particular evenings out at the station - the ceremony was lovely, and the evening was full of fun and dancing! So honoured to be a part of it - congrats to Mr & Mrs Holland!

Sunday was a great opportunity to head to Deniliquin and visit the Exchange Hotel. It’s been a while between drinks there, and it was fun to catch up with Neisha and Anthony. I was lucky enough to follow Shane McGrath and his lovely wife as they finished their set before mine. And impromptu appearance by Shane on lead guitar for the Eagles song “Hotel California” was a bit of a highlight for the night early on. A very nice chilled session - got to meet a few new people and enjoy a great parmi and sticky date pudding at the pub. Looking forward to heading back again shortly.

The next weekend sees me being the Echuca Wedding Singer - or rather the Ulupna Wedding Singer - for the last time in 2018. It’s been a great start to the busy season, enjoying things as they roll on. Stay tuned for next weeks recap and some more blog posts on other topics I’m preparing.

Chat again soon!