Weekend recap - 7.12 > 09.12.2018 - first time in Colbinabbin, Gypsy nights and Vineyard days

So the weekend just gone was quite hectic in that there was a junior basketball tournament thrown in on top in Shepparton. Late nights, early mornings - plenty of k’s to travel.

Friday was my first time in Colbinabbin - and therefore first time playing at the Colbinabbin Country Hotel. Great little set up with the night market - during my conversation with the crowd I was told that Colbo only had about 100 residents. So it’s fair to say that half the town turned out for the show! It was a warm night - and summer isn’t my favourite for weather, but very much enjoyed playing to the great people out there - great unique little idea at a hotel also.

Saturday night was another warm night - and a full day of basketball firstly. Heading back to Echuca, the town seemed pretty quiet. But that changed fairly quickly as people seemed to be pretty keen on a few drinks and tunes at the Gypsy Bar Echuca. A highlight of the night was having Chloe Schuliga get up and do a few numbers with me - make sure you check her out via Facebook. Thanks to all that turned out - as always, it’s a great night at the Gypsy Bar.

Sunday saw another quick trip to Shepparton for yet more junior basketball - then back to Echuca and out to the Cape Horn Vineyard and Riverside Bar. It had rained enough to make a few wet patches earlier on, and we thought it was going to be a real steamy and humid afternoon. However it turned out to be quite a nice and mild weathered afternoon! The staff and guests enjoyed the tunes in a cruizy Sunday afternoon session - after collecting a couple of bottles Cape Horn’s sparkling shiraz, we were off and knocked off for the weekend.

Getting very close to Christmas and the end of the year, and it’s been great to see a lot of Christmas parties having a great time. Pretty soon the wedding singing duties will be back on the agenda - so for now it’s a welcomed change of pace before things ramp up again.

till next week!