Something different - a couple of quick 'thank you's'

I thought I’d write something a bit different, as I’ve had a couple of impressive displays of customer service lately and wanted to give a shout out to these guys for looking after the little guys.

Firstly, I use 2 types of capos - Kyser capos & Shubb capos. Both are great in their own right, and both have some failures. I like using a Kyser, but i have snapped 2 springs inside them just through normal use. The quick trigger application and change is perfect for the live performances - and recently I snapped another spring in one. Now these capos are about $40 each - and it’s fine to buy one as they’re worth it. But I thought I’d email Kyser just to let them know that it’s a bit of a bummer the springs keep snapping.

Kyser trigger style capo

Kyser trigger style capo

I got onto Pro Music Australia and dealt with Ian Evans - who was very happy to look after me and send out a replacement. He didn’t have to do that, I’ve used the capo well beyond it’s life’s worth - and it’s outside the warranty. But he has looked after me and sent me another free of charge. So I thought, the least I can do is put a bit of an appreciation post about it on my website. Cheers Ian

Secondly - I used to watch a lot of tutorial videos on a site ‘Creative Live’ who had some fantastic free videos that live streamed from industry professionals on producing and studio work. One regular was a guy name Jesse Cannon, who was awesome to watch and learn from on mixing and studio engineering work. Jesse also helped master some experimental work Ash Dinsdale and I did a few years ago, and has contributed to further growth in both Ash and my own work.

Jesse wrote a book ‘ Get More Fans - the DIY guide to the new music business’.

It’s a great book.

I wish I had have had this book in the early 2000’s through my Melbourne band years as it would have made a massive difference!

Jesse recently updated the book and offered a free PDF version for anyone who wrote a review on Amazon US. Now I can’t do that not being an Amazon customer - so I email Jesse and said I’d love to help, but unfortunately couldn’t do the Amazon bit.

He shot an email back with the PDF update attached - didn’t ask for anything in return and wished me well.

So here is my little return thank you to him. If you are at all serious about making any headway in the music Industry - get this book. It is majorly insightful and if you work hard, lets you know where it can be most effective,

Well Cheers guys - back with another update soon.

Till then


Get More Fans - The DIY guide to the New Music Business

Get More Fans - The DIY guide to the New Music Business