5 things to consider when choosing acoustic wedding singers

G’day again everyone. Getting back to blogging after the Echuca Moama Weddings Expo for 2019. The day was heaps of fun and awesome for us in the Deluxe Booth - and it got me thinking. What were people asking me when it came to booking me for entertainment for there wedding…? So I thought I’d share and give you the tools to make a good choice when it comes to choosing acoustic wedding singers for your big day.

At the Echuca Moama Weddings Expo - Photo by Tamara Cadd Photography

At the Echuca Moama Weddings Expo - Photo by Tamara Cadd Photography

These things are the areas of enquiry I mostly get when dealing with couples planning their big day. Careful consideration of these areas are going to help you make an informed decision about who is running the entertainment for your big day and to feel more confident that they are going to deliver on one of the best nights of your life!

So without further ado - here are the 5 things to consider when choosing between acoustic wedding singers: Personality, Communication, Value, Performance and Professionalism

He looks good! Time to do some research……

He looks good! Time to do some research……

1. Personality

All the interactions I generally have with people planning their wedding revolves around this. Do they feel that I am invested in them as a person, and am I ‘their type of person’ that will mix well with their guests. I’ve had many people say that being easy to talk too along with having a sunny and positive vibe was one of the main selling factors when being booked for their wedding. Does the person you’re looking at booking give you a good vibe? Do they mesh well with what you have in mind for your big day? Are they going to fit in with your guests? These are just some of the point that spring to mind.

2. Communication

The next piece of consideration is “is this person going to get back to me?”. Musicians have a nasty reputation for being very lax or lazy when it comes to picking up the phone, responding to messages, passing on critical information and answering questions. Acoustic Wedding Singers are normally a different breed to this stereotype though, as many run it as a business. But the language they use - and how they impart the 1st point (personality) into their communication - is another big part of what makes people feel “yep - this is the muso for me”. So do they get back to you? Do they address all your questions? How do they talk to you? Do they pass on critical information? All things to consider

3. Value

This is a bit of an interesting one as it goes both ways. Many people don’t want to go with the cheapest offer believe it or not - I’m not sure if the perception of too cheap has people believe that the money equates to the product - but either way, the cheapest option is often needing to be cheap for some reason. Whether it might be lack of work, lack of product, or they are inexperienced and just starting out - all those are an indicator that you may not get the best product for your wedding. I have found that most people enjoy a good value acoustic wedding musician that can offer a lot for what people are willing to pay. How long is their performance? What else can they do? Can they Dj? Can they MC? Do they have extras on offer? Can they help with planning and running games etc? All those pieces play a part. As soon as I mention I can offer at least 6 hours of entertainment, mix between acoustic singing and DJing - then can MC and include a photo booth - it’s great value for the price.

4. Performance

Can this acoustic wedding singer play and sing? The answer is most likely a big YES! If you’ve found them - it’s normally recommended by a friend, saw them at a gig or met them at an expo (finding them online being the exception ;) ). What you want to see about their performance is not just can they play and sing > but do they play the music or can they play the music you like? Do they get the crowd involved? Do they entertain? Or do they sing and play beautiful!y while sitting in the corner, playing only the songs that they like with silence in between songs? Most people highly value an entertainer. Are they there to give you an awesome night and amp up at the right time while leaving room and space for the lovely intimate parts? This is most often where acoustic wedding singers are not all equal. So see them in action - sneak into a gig and catch them off guard. Chat them and heckle them a bit - see what they’ve got!

5. Professionalism

The final point is professionalism. This doesn’t mean they are stoic and cold - it means, are they a serious musician that runs as a business. Do they have a website and preview videos? Do they dress the part? Does their setup look like a mess? How do they conduct their business? Do they deliver on what you want? Are they consistent? Do they run down and attack other musicians in the industry? When you’ve got 1 shot at who you are going to pick, you want to make sure they are going to do whatever you need in the right areas to deliver on what they’ve promised. There are so many factors to professionalism, and you need to look at what parts are important to you or give you insight into them - because this insight gives you an indication as to how they are going to operate at crunch time.

And there we go! That covers quite a lot of info ;). Now all you have to do is weigh up the options in front of you - and maybe get your wedding guests ready for a great night! To make sure your guests are primed to be AWESOME wedding guests, check out my other article on How to be an AWESOME Wedding Guest.

Got any more suggestions on what people should consider on choosing between acoustic wedding singers? Leave a quick comment below \/