How to be an an AWESOME wedding guest - an acoustic wedding singers perspective

This week I thought I’d do something a bit different. Leading up to the Echuca Moama Wedding Expo for 2019, I was making a few flyers that have some planning tools on the back. Something practical that couples could use and not just throw away a useless piece of marketing. I also wanted to have a picture on the front that had a nice little message that also complimented what I’m trying to help achieve at weddings as an acoustic wedding singer / DJ / all round entertainer.

Here’s what I came up with:

Makes sense right?

Makes sense right?

“When nothing can stop the guests creating the most fantastically memorable night - it’s the best! You really feel the love at those ones”

It seems simple enough - but plenty of times there is something that can get in the way. I’ve been lucky enough to be part of many fantastic weddings - and each wedding is unique. The weddings that really stand out are where the newly weds really do love the people who they are sharing their night with, and the guests feel the same way about the newly weds.

Those are the nights that no matter what may happen that is unplanned, imperfect etc - it just can’t stop an absolutely amazing night unfolding. Combined with some cracking entertainment - it’s a recipe for a spectacular event ;).

Each group is different in the way that they enjoy having a great time, but there are a few pointers that guests can follow to really ensure that they give that to the newly married couple. If a guest loves the couple who have invited them to be a part of what should be one of the most joyous and celebrated nights of their relationship, then it really is easy to contribute and give the newly weds the nights they deserve by following these pointers:

Quick as you can really. Planning a wedding is a big job, and this helps more than you’d realise with catering, seating arrangements etc.

- Always bring a gift - and if possible mail your gift
Some couples make it really easy in this department - and wishing wells etc are very popular these days. If you do have a gift, consider mailing it also - this means no hauling back a ton of things including some bulky gifts. After or before the event is also fine - gifts are rarely opened or looked at on the night!

- Be on time
Especially to the ceremony. People always notice the late comers walking in. You don’t want to miss any of the festivities also! Being late can mean you’re left out of some really good bits.

- Keep negative comments to yourself
It may not be all your cup of tea, but it’s not your big day. Its the newly weds day - who you love remember?! Those negative comments can really impact that positive and happy vibe you want to keep flowing and infectious on the day.

- Don't hog the bride and groom
There are lots of people that want to spend their little parcel of time with the newly weds. Of course you want to share the love and be around the special couple, and that is encouraged - but don’t keep them away from other guests who also want to share some time with the newly weds.

- Monitor your cocktails / drinks
Alcohol is a social lubricant for sure - and can help with some of these points. But we’re all adults, and getting tanked at a wedding to a point where it impacts the night negatively is definitely something you want to avoid.

- Make sure to mingle
Being social is hard for some - and this is where some games can really help get groups and cliques talking to other people ;). If you have the chance to mingle and talk to other guests, then make the effort. You already have something in common - and no doubt stories to share. Who knows who you may connect with!

- Be cool with your camera, and the photographer
Definitely take pictures, but not at the expense of the photographer who has been paid for their professional snaps. Being a paparazzi and interrupting at every moment is going to be a bit annoying. Be in the moment also - not always behind the camera.

- Bad mood? Leave it at home
Bringing a storm cloud over your head just is going to mean gloom follows you. Yes people have bad days, sometimes tragic and right on the doorstep of events like this. But if you are planning on attending - do your best not to talk about it and have a good time. It’s hard, but you and the newly weds will be thankful for it.

- Leave uninvited guests at home
A pretty easy one, if someone isn’t invited - they haven’t been planned for in the wedding. Most likely the newly weds have thought about who to invite and who they can’t fit in. There may be times where it’s ok to ask if you may bring an uninvited guest - but best done early and ALWAYS ask. If the answer is a no, respectfully accept that answer.

- Dress to impress… or at least appropriately - and avoid wearing white
Unless otherwise instructed - do wear something appropriate to a wedding. Always better to dress a bit more on the neat and formal side, than on the casual side. You do notice the guests who wear track suit pants and a heavy metal t-shirt. You also notice people who wear as much white as the bride does - do pick another colour, even if it does look amazing on you.

- Address dietary restrictions ahead of time and with the caterers
Many people have dietary restrictions, it’s quite normal to have these catered for these days. One hard thing though is for caterers to have this all planned out if they are not notified well ahead of time and also to identify those people on the night. It will be greatly appreciated if you have notified the newly weds or caterers your requirements well ahead of time and then make yourself known to the caterers on the night when you arrive.

- Dance enthusiastically - and get involved in all activities
Dancing really does make a difference. Yes some people don’t like to - others are embarrassed. But hitting the dance floor as often as you can creates such a great atmosphere and really does scream of a fun filled time. If you can dance, show it, but not to the point where you are the main star of the night and other people won’t dance close to you in fear of looking silly. Get others involved - coax people out of their seats and onto the dance floor. Party starters are a great person to have at weddings, trust me ;). When the bouquet is tossed - get around it. When speeches are made - listen, laugh and clap. Sign the signing book. Enjoy the photo booth. Play games. etc.

- Bring your manners
Being considerate in all aspects may be a no brainer - but it really is appreciated. It goes right through to all the people involved in the night - the photographer, the venue, entertainment, bar, caterers, planners, other guests and of course the newly weds.

That seems like a pretty extensive list, and a lot of common sense. It still probably doesn’t cover everything! I would say that the BIGGEST things you can do as a guest are: Bring your manners; Which covers so many of these points in one from dressing, to punctuality, to responsible drinking - and get involved in all activities - enthusiastically. Dance, laugh, clap, be active in creating that amazing atmosphere keeping the newly weds at the centre of it all.

If you look at this list of pointers and think - well that is all obvious and you have ticked all (or most) of these boxes when attending a wedding - then you are one of the people this list is based on. Congratulations on being one of those guests that make a great wedding.

Ok - well off to do some more amazing events. Look forward to being out and about soon. ( thanks Ben for proof reading and enforcing the “fantastic” word quota ;) )

If you liked this type of post do let me know and I may make some more on other wedding themed pointers ;).

Thanks a bunch! Hope to see you all soon.